Oven And Microwaves

At Opulent Kitchens, you can choose from top-notch brands of ovens and microwaves which makes cooking a joy. Just as it should be.

Warming Drawers

Keep your cooked food hot with these convenient storage appliances.


We have a range of different hob types, for example, gas, ceramic and induction hobs.

Build your perfect look with a choice of innovative hoods/extractors.
Wine Coolers

Keep your refrigerators free from bulky wine bottles with these top brand range of wine coolers.


You will find a plethora of options for both fridges and freezers including large American Freezers as well.


Dishwashers make life a little bit easier. They save time and effort. A valuable addition to any kitchen.

Washing Machines

 Make your kitchen more functional with our range of quality washing machines.

Washer Dryers

Complete the set up with our high-quality ranges of washer dryers.

Drinks Machines

Enjoy life in the comfort of your homes with high-quality drinks machines that make coffee easy and convenient.