Alpina True Handleless
These new veneer doors will add variety and a unique style to your kitchen design. You can mix and match these timber doors that are textured matte with other ranges such as Ellerton.
Ellerton True Handleless

Ellerton’s modern design comes in 25 painted colours. It has a delicate centre panel with a narrow frame. The colour finish available in this range is matte.

Porter True Handleless

Porter true handleless range comes in both matte and high gloss colour finishes. Both are available in a wide variety of 25 colours with some of these available from stock.

Unity True Handleless

Unity True Handleless comes in a wide range of exciting options. It has a lot of room for customisation. You can choose from a combination of high gloss, metallic, super matte and woodgrain effect.


If you are looking for some German inspired kitchens, then Otto True Handleless is a good option. It comes in a variety of choices in finishes including matte and laminate.


Aldana is a new true handleless range which comes in painted colours and in a sanded finish. These new styles will add variety and a unique style to your kitchen design.


Ferro comes in 6 striking metallic inspired finishes.


Rezana comes in a combination of painted and stained finishes. It is also available in a sanded finish.


The Zola true handless kitchen is an ultra-modern design which comes in 7 high gloss colours or 5 beautiful and contemporary matte colours.


The Tavola is available in a variety of unique colours and styles. Choose from stained or painted colours. A very contemporary light oak or sanded.


The Vivo true handleless kitchen is not only available in high gloss but also in matte finishes. Some of the colours available include anthracite, cashmere, grey, ivory, porcelain, stone and white.


Cosdon is a modern true handless kitchen. Choose from a mixture of high gloss and stock colours. For high gloss 5 colours are available from stock. Cosdon matt features a range of 28 painted colours of which 5 are available from stock.