Kitchen Base Units

Base units define the foundation and characteristics of any kitchen. This is the only type which is further divided into many, for example, drawer base units, sink base units, standard high line, corner base units and many more. They set the overall tone of the kitchen and include a variety of accessories. They play a vital part in the planning and outlay of any kitchen and can be used in the Island in many different forms.

Kitchen Wall Units

Kitchen wall units play a vital role in bringing a unique look and style to the kitchen, surprisingly with and without their presence. As it is obvious by the name they are hung on the wall leaving a gap against base units. Nowadays there are many types of functions available and most of them are available and displayed on our website.

Kitchen Tall Units

Kitchen tall units include as described by name are the tallest units in the kitchen with maximum storage space, nowadays designers use pull out accessories to make is easy to use and accessible for the users. There are many types of tall units and all are displayed on our website with their different sizes. Some of them are known as broom units, appliance tall units, larders, wine racks, and corner tall units.